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101 Unplugged Activities for your Coding or STEM Club’ is a practical and engaging new book from our team of experienced computing educators who love to make computing inclusive and fun. Each unplugged activity is designed to be used in STEM or coding clubs with young people from around age 7. The activities only use readily available and low cost supplies such as paper, pencils and scissors.

‘101 Unplugged Activities for your Coding or STEM Club’ is packed with activities to do as a whole club, sometimes splitting into pairs or small groups, and always working away from computers. It is not a book of step-by-step coding projects, or a book of computing theory and definitions. This is a book full of easy to use activities for young makers aged 7+ that will get them interacting with each other to create a supportive community of problem solvers. In the background, each activity introduces makers to important concepts which you can link back to during coding or STEM activities.

The unplugged activities can be used as ice-breakers, team building activities, for developing communication skills or for a change of pace to keep your club fresh. ‘101 Unplugged Activities for your Coding or STEM Club’ will also help club leaders out of those panic situations where something goes wrong with the tech – a power cut, no internet, computers updating, can’t find the computers – we’ve been there!

A copy of the book '101 unplugged activities for your coding or STEM club' is placed on a table next to a cup of coffee.

‘101 Unplugged Activities for your Coding or STEM Club’ was released on 16th April 2023 and is available to purchase from Amazon UK as a digital Kindle download or as a physical book that you can flip through!

The book is brought to you by Flip Computing and written by its experienced co-founders:

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From Amazon UK (£8.99 digital or £12.99 paperback)  and turn your club into a community!