Disability Pride Month Community Spotlight - Joseph Wilk

July marks the start of Disability Pride Month, a time to celebrate, acknowledge, and appreciate the diverse experiences and contributions of the 1 billion people worldwide living with a disability. Importantly, we focus on the Social Model of disability, where the emphasis is on creating environments that are inclusive and adaptable, recognizing and embracing all forms of human diversity. 🌍

In alignment with #DisabilityPrideMonth, we’re excited to launch our ‘Community Spotlight’ series. Here, we’re shining a light on amazing individuals from all walks of life who contribute to our diverse community.

Meet Joseph

🎨 Please meet Joseph Wilk, a remarkable digital artist who intertwines their lived experiences with disability into the realm of their artistic expression. Leveraging adaptive technologies, Joseph creates intricate and thought-provoking artwork, offering a unique lens into their interpretation of the world.

We’re delighted to feature Joseph in our inaugural Community Spotlight; you can find out more about him and his artwork in the document below. Stay tuned as we continue to celebrate the talents and contributions of our diverse community.

A photograph of Joseph Wilk at a laptop. The background has projected artwork that is giving an artificial blue and pink glow to the photograph

Read more about joseph and his work

Let’s continue to elevate diverse voices and contributions during Disability Pride Month. We encourage you to join the conversation – share your thoughts, insights, or experiences in the comments below.