Get Started

If you haven’t used Scratch before then watch our ‘Getting started’ video to help you on your way.

Support with day 6

Day 6 might be the first time that you have ever used the paint editor tool in Scratch. This video will support you through the whole day!

Support with day 11

Day 11 uses a few new code blocks that sit inside each other. This can be a little tricky the first time you do it so this video will help guide you through if you need it!

Quick skills section

Dragging blocks

Quick tutorial on dragging blocks

Colours in the paint editor

Quick tutorial on how to select different fill colours in the paint editor.

Gradients in the paint editor

Quick tutorial on use different gradient options in the Scratch paint editor.

Use the reshape tool in the paint editor

Quick tutorial on the different shapes that you can draw using the reshape tool.

open your project from a previous day

If you aren’t sure how to open your project from your Scratch account then follow this quick tutorial.