Introducing Ross

Hey everyone!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Ross Exton, who will be joining us as the Head of Online Training. Ross brings with him a wealth of experience in producing online courses and engaging video content, and has an incredible passion for accessibility and equity in education.

Ross has 15 years of experience as an educational content producer and is incredibly passionate about accessibility in learning design. Ross is also very open about his deafness and how this invisible disability shapes his view of the world around him; using his skills in visual and non-verbal communication to bring ideas to life.

Over the past five years, Ross was instrumental in the design and development of 35 online training courses for the National Centre for Computing Education. His excellent communication skills bring an inclusive and empathetic approach to instructional design.

Ross is also the Director of Watch and Learn Productions, a studio that provides communication training and video production services to educational institutions.

“Authenticity is so important to me.” says Ross, “It’s essential for students to learn from genuine, diverse voices in education, and see themselves represented in the content they watch.”

Ross is going to be leading the development of our online training courses at Flip Computing, and we can’t wait to share some of the exciting ideas we’ve been working on over the coming weeks.

Please join us in welcoming Ross to the team!