A graphic showing two laptops with our Digital Artist projects shown on the screens. There are also characters from the projects hovering on the graphic.

digital artist projects

In our first series of projects, young people can choose to use step-by-step written instructions or walkthrough videos to design their own characters.

The projects use the Paint editor within the Scratch programming environment. The finished characters can be saved as static art or coded to create stories, animations, and games.

Each project has a downloadable ‘I am a Digital Artist’ certificate to help celebrate their new 2D Character Design skills.

What is Scratch?

The Scratch editor is a free programming environment where young people can create, program, and share their artwork, games, stories, and animations. Scratch can be used with or without an account. The Scratch website has a page for parents that details more about the Scratch Foundation, editor, and community.

what is a showcase?

Our Digital Artist projects each contain a community gallery showcasing artwork received from young people. Young people are encouraged to share their characters with us for anonymous inclusion in our showcases.  Seeing peers’ work is an excellent way for young people to get inspiration and grow their skills.

Why use our projects?

Our easy-to-follow projects build confidence and develop core skills. We want young people to have fun and feel motivated to grow their skills and interest in digital art.

Each project encourages young people to personalise their artwork. Young people can choose themes of interest to them to create art they can later code or add to personal portfolios.

Digital Art careers

There are many roles in the Digital Arts industry that blend creative and technical skills together.

Such as:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Book Illustrator
  • Scientific Illustrator
  • Concept Artist
  • Animator
  • Character Designer
  • Digital Art Teacher
  • Visual effects Artist
  • Web Designer

digital art clubs

Our projects can be completed at home or during a digital club for young people.

Some of our favourite global digital clubs include:

There are also many fantastic regional digital art initiatives such as Mako Create and Everyday Wigan in North West England. Check local listings to find a scheme near you.

Our Books

A copy of the book '101 unplugged activities for your coding or STEM club' is placed on a table next to a cup of coffee.

101 Unplugged activities for your coding or STEM club

 The perfect book for Coding or STEM Club leaders! 

This book will be a valuable addition to your club library and is jam-packed with activities to get makers collaborating, moving, making music, storytelling, solving puzzles and much more.

I am a digital artist - underwater theme

Perfect for young digital artists who have never used Scratch before, or those who have only used Scratch to code characters from the gallery.

This beginner digital artist book will teach your child how to draw cool underwater characters in no time! 

A copy of the book 'I am a digital artist - space characters' is floating around in space next to an astronaut.

I am a digital artist - space theme

Our second book from the ‘I am a digital artist’ series. This time, young people can use the Scratch costume editor to create characters from space!

This is the perfect addition for a coding club to support young coders and digital artists with Scratch.