Follow the leader

A quick observational energiser


Prep time: 0 minutes

Activity time: 10 minutes


Split your makers into groups of less than eight.

Ask your makers to get into a circle.

Ask one person to be the leader.

Tell them the leader should perform a movement or facial expression and the rest should follow as quickly as possible.

A photograph of a line of rubber ducks. The duck in front is holding a flag.

Build on this

Follow the leader: Do the same exercise but line up the makers one in front of the other. The leader performs a movement. Everyone follows the person in front of them. Will the last person in the line do the correct movement?

Find the leader: One person is the ‘seeker’ and turns their back. The others nominate a leader. The seeker then stands in the middle of the circle and observes. They have three guesses to work out who is the leader.

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