knock them over

Create a group of standing characters that can be knocked over with a paper ball.

Thin card

Glue or sticky tape

Felt pens


Prep time: 5 minutes

Activity time: 15 minutes


Divide your club into small groups of about four or five.

Ask each person in the group to create a character on a piece of thin card. They should then cut out their character leaving a wide base that can be folded back to make a stand.

Groups place their characters next to each other and use a screwed up piece of paper as a ball to knock down the characters.

They should work together to figure out the best way to position their characters so that they get them in one hit!

A photograph of some bowling pins. One is knocked over.

Build on this

Investigate the effect of using different shapes and materials. Which materials, shapes and positions are easiest to knock over and which are the most difficult? Can anyone beat the most difficult combination?

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