What's in the box?

Makers guess what is inside the box.


Everyday items




Prep time: 30 minutes

Activity time: 10 minutes


Cut a hole in the side of the shoebox, big enough for someone to fit their hand through.

Place five objects in the box.

Split the makers into groups and nominate a describer.

The describer should feel around for the objects then describe them to the others. The team has five minutes to agree and write down what they think is in the box.

Open the box to see how many correct guesses there were.

A photograph of 3 cardboard boxes

Build on this

Discuss what was the easiest item to guess and why.

Teams could draw an ‘easy’ box and a ‘hard’ box to write items in, then share the items and the reasons for saying each one was easy or hard.

Is it shape, texture or something else that drives their opinion?

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